Introducing Worldview, a WordPress theme as unique as you.

We’re extremely excited to announce a theme we’ve been working on for over 3 months called Worldview. It is a beautiful typography-based blogging theme that offers a beautiful, colorful reading experience. Working across all devices and browsers, this gorgeous theme reinforces your content and draws readers in with its large cover photos and bold colors.

Responsive Design

Responsive All Over

Like all our other themes, Worldview is designed to work mobile-first, allowing readers to browse articles seamlessly on any device or browser. Beautiful cover photos are scaled to fit every possible screen size and look beautiful in the process.

Worldview Article Cover Photos

Large Featured Images

Add Featured Images to posts to make your article headlines really stand out.

Worldview Theme Customizer

Custom Header & Colors in the Theme Customizer

Worldview offers customization features like custom header images and an endless number of color combinations. We’ve added 12 color schemes to choose from as well as the ability to select your own colors, resulting in millions of possible combinations!

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icon Support

Set up your social presence easily with our custom social icon menu. Worldview makes it easy to embed your social network links directly below your main header image.

It currently supports the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Dribbble
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Github
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Vimeo
  • Instagram
  • Codepen
  • LinkedIn

Drop Caps and Lead In Paragraph Styling

Drop-caps and Lead-in Paragraph Styles

Worldview allows you to add advanced typographic features with just a few quick snippets of HTML. Make any article look that much more beautiful by adding drop-caps and even a larger introductory paragraph to draw readers in.

Like What You See?

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WordPress 3.9 Released

WordPress users rejoice! WordPress 3.9 “Smith” is now available for download and will be automatically installed for users with automagic updates set up. UpThemes users will also notice some new features that work beautifully with our themes. Take a peek at the following video WordPress has released promoting its features:

You can download it here or just sit back and relax if you have automatic updates enabled.

Say Hello to Angela, Your New Customer Advocate


We are excited to announce Angela Crist has joined our team as our Digital Strategist and Customer Advocate! Her goal is to market UpThemes to new and current customers, while communicating your voices to the rest of the team to provide you with the WordPress products you need most.

Angela joins us from Full Sail University where she was the Community Manager and built the online marketing plan to reach over 20,000 current students.  Her main focus was creating buzz for both online and campus students and graduates regarding everything career development. Prior to that, Angela was a project manager at a digital agency working with developers and clients.

Her passion is in building relationships that result in loyalty, trust, and happiness. She will be marketing UpThemes in unique ways while fostering the UpThemes community and building long-lasting relationships.

Feel free to welcome Angela by leaving a comment below, tweeting at @upthemes or emailing her directly!

Pay with Bitcoin on

One of our goals at UpThemes is to make it ridiculously easy for users to obtain and use great WordPress themes. That’s why we sell themes on and through Mojo Marketplace, which allows users of many hosting companies to purchase and install our themes in just a few short steps. With all the buzz surrounding Bitcoin and the fact that UpThemes really is an Internet company, we thought it would be a great addition to our checkout process for customers to be able to pay for themes in the currency of the Internet, Bitcoin. You may now purchase all our themes through BitPay, our third-party merchant service that accepts and converts Bitcoin to various local currencies.

To celebrate, we’re offering 30% off any theme purchase. Buy one theme or buy a whole bunch and the discount will be applied across the board to every purchase until March 12th. Simply use the coupon code BITCOIN at checkout to receive the discount.

A Free WordPress Theme for your Special Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show someone you love them.

Even if you give them something you got for free.

Giving the gift of WordPress is extremely awesome and getting your hands on a free premium theme from UpThemes with a full year of theme support and automatic updates is quite lovely. One could say it is a “sweet deal.”

Go ahead and pick out two or more themes. We’ll give you 50% off two or more themes for one week. Use the following coupon code at checkout:


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Writing Useful Github Issues

The following post was originally published on the blog of Caleb Sylvest, and because he is such a cool dude we are syndicating the article because it is awesome!

Finding out there is something wrong with the work you did on a project is bad enough, but when reading through issues is like deciphering Latin, well it’s no wonder so many developers go postal. Writing detailed, thorough, and transparent issues should be the goal of everyone on your team, because we most often write issue request for someone other than ourselves. So let’s follow the Golden Rule of issue request, “Write issue request for others as you would like them written for you (or better).”

Writing good issue request, and teaching a team the same, will save everyone time, money, and confusion in the long run. It’s really a no-brainer. I’m talking specifically about Github, because I use it most of the time for code management and I know many other developers do as well, but what I cover can be applied to any issue management tool.

What An Issue Should Accomplish

When a person reviews an Issue Request there should be enough information that they have a good handle of what is being discussed, they don’t need to know or come up with a solution instantly, but nothing about the issue should be mystery meat.

The Perfect Problem

Writing the perfect issue probably isn’t possible, because we are all different and have subjective views on what makes sense or how a task should be handled. But we can create a general “good faith” guideline that if we all attempt to follow will make projects run smoothly, better our relationship with coworkers, and put a smile on your grumpy boss’s face. Let’s cover the basic anatomy of an Issue Request and how we can be awesome:

Relevant Subject Line. The subject should be specific but not lengthy. You have 40-60 characters to give a clear and concise summation of the issue. For more about writing subject lines, check out Microcontent: How to Write Headlines, Page Titles, and Subject Lines.

URL. Please, please, please, I’m begging you. If you make me wonder which page of a 1500 page website an issue is related to, I swear I will hunt you down and kick your puppy.

Full Description. The meat of an issue should describe in detail the specifics of a problem. Better to over-communicate than be vague. Be clear in your writing and re-read the content from someone else’s perspective, coming at it knowing nothing about the situation.

Bug reports require a more specialized attention to detail and procedure, I’m not going to cover that in detail here but do suggest reading Writing Bug Reports.

Situation. Once again over-communication is better than not mentioning specifics. Whether you believe it’s relevant or not listing the Browser, Operating System, on a Mobile device, in Incognito Mode, or has Javascript disabled could be relevant The more specific the better. I once had an issue from a customer that made zero sense until (after getting screenshots via email from him) I deduced he was using Incognito Mode, which wrecks havoc on Icon Fonts.

Screenshots. Screenshots are a developers best friend. If you can add a screenshot, do. It can’t hurt and may actually clarify. One thing, if there is an issue with a button at the bottom of the screen, take a shot of that one button and its surrounding area. Please don’t send a full desktop screenshot on your 27” iMac. P.S. Screenshots with annotated drawings and notes are awesome!

More. There are always more things you can do, such as tags. Each situation is unique and has its own challenges. Do what is best to fully and clearly describe an issue.

Bad Github Issue
An example of a poorly documented issue in Github.

Good Github Issue
An example of a well documented issue in Github. The title is descriptive, a URL links to where the problem can be found, the body of the message thoroughly describes the issue, information relating to the software and hardware is added, and a screenshot tops it all off!

Shake Things Up

Let’s face it, capturing peoples attention is tough. And since we can’t hire a marketing firm to make our issue request more appealing we need to do the best we can with the tools at our disposal. Using simple styles highlights the most important aspects of an issue. Github makes this super simple to achieve with Github Flavored Markdown, and dang, they have a cheat-sheet button available! Thanks Github!

  1. Lists Are Awesome. List are easy for humans to parse through and organize information.
  2. Style Key Words. Don’t be afraid to italicize or bold words if it helps point out important aspects to note.
  3. Link the friggin’ URLs. If URLs are not automatically linked and I find out you didn’t link a URL, I swear I will hunt you down and kick your puppy!

What Not To Do

Well heck, this is the easy part.

  1. Assume the Solution. Unless you really know what the solution is, and you are expertly familiar with the situation, do not assume you know how to fix something and tell the Assignee what the problem is and how to fix it.
  2. Don’t Be Vague. “Something is wrong with the slider” is not a good description of the problem. Don’t assume someone can go look at something and automatically figure out exactly what was meant.
  3. Don’t Be A Puppy Kicker. Be Courteous. We can all be emotional beings, and being told we did something wrong can really stir the pot. So be kind and courteous, please. Remember the other Golden Rule, “Treat others the way that you want to be treated.”

A Little Bit More

While writing my thoughts I did a bit of research as well to see what others say about writing Issues. Two articles I found useful are How We Write Github Issues by Wiredcraft, and Github Issue Etiquette by Slava Akhmechet. Both make good points, some I agree with and some I don’t, but it’s up to each person individually (or team) to determine a method that makes sense and is helpful.

If you have questions or comments feel free to leave a note in the comment area below, or find me on Twitter at @calebsylvest.

Introducing Gallery Theme 3.0, Now Available on

The Gallery theme has been our most popular theme ever since it’s release before UpThemes was even a company. That’s why we’ve spent a ton of time on reinventing our most popular grid-style theme into a media-sharing monster! Tim Smith, from The East Wing Podcast, walks you through the new and redesigned Gallery theme in this quick video:

You can purchase Gallery for self-hosted websites or on

Reinventing Ourselves

With the impending launch of the Amplify Theme, we are announcing the retirement of many of our older themes, effective immediately. These themes will be replaced over the next few months with brand new themes that contain similar but much improved functionality, aesthetics, documentation, automatic theme updates, and usability.

The reason we chose to retire these themes rather than simply update them was that they were built upon an older, bulkier version of the UpThemes Framework and were not built as mobile-first responsive themes. One of our goals moving forward is to build themes that are fast, lightweight, responsive, easy-to-use, and look amazing on any device. The themes we are retiring no longer meet those requirements and that’s why we have chosen to end of life the following products:

  • Garage Band Theme
  • Micro Theme
  • Charity Theme
  • Timelaph
  • Holding Pattern
  • Gallery Pro
  • StoreFrontal
  • Agency
  • Conversate
  • SimpleCart
  • Adriatica

For all our current customers, we will continue to offer these theme files for download, but will not be offering support, effective immediately. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Responsive Web Design, The UpThemes Way

At UpThemes, we care about making our products the best they can be and are committed to ensuring the themes we create are kept up to date with the ever-changing standards in web development. Responsive web design involves an approach to development that ultimately delivers a website that adapts to any medium you may be viewing it on, whether that be your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

While most themes sell responsive web design as a premium feature, we believe it to be not a feature at all, but a standard practice for every product we put out.


Add some Personality to your blog

Personality Theme

Personality is a simple, beautiful blogging theme that combines clean typography and a flexible layout, making it easy to blog about anything with great clarity. Our goal was to deliver a clean, crisp, elegant typography-based theme for bloggers. I think we succeeded.

Offering multiple page layouts, Sass/Compass-powered styles, and integration with the WordPress Theme Customizer, Personality makes it easy to get a custom look for your blog in just a couple minutes. If you’re looking for an easy to customize yet simple and elegant theme, Personality is for you.

Personality is a responsive, fluid-width theme that looks great on any modern smartphone or tablet and makes it easy to share different types of content with your readers.

This theme is now available for a one-time cost of $39 with lifetime support and theme updates or can be downloaded through our Theme Club Membership for just $39/year.

View Theme Details or View Theme Demo

Free Theme Launch: Gallery

Remember me telling you about the upcoming themes for January? I know, it’s probably been the longest week of your life. Well, as promised, we are excited to release Gallery into your capable hands today.

Gallery Theme

As I said before, this is not the Gallery theme of old. We improved the codebase from the ground up. We made it responsive. Content types get their own unique touches like custom styling for all the new post types like “Status” and “Video” and a slick slider for the photo “Gallery” posts. We also put serious thought towards making theme customization easy. Incorporating SASS and Compass makes a completely different look only few color value changes away.  And the list goes on.


UpThemes Framework 2.3 Now Uses Iris Colorpicker & New Media Uploader

I’m extremely excited to announce that the UpThemes Framework, our tiny little theme options framework, now uses the new WordPress 3.5 Iris colorpicker as well as the new media uploader.

What Does This Mean for Users?

Well, for one, it means you must upgrade to WordPress 3.5 before using the latest version of our themes. The framework is no longer backwards-compatible with old versions of WordPress. Sorry, but we want you to be as secure and up-to-date as possible.

For two, it means easy usage of the Live Theme Customizer to preview your theme modifications without tinkering with your live site until the changes are loaded in and ready for launch.

What Does It Mean for Developers?

Same stuff as above. No changes are required to the way you instantiate your theme options. Simply create your option arrays just like before and the new colorpicker and image uploader will work seamlessly out of the box.

Thank You!

I want to recognize two developers that helped (unknowingly) contribute to this update. Rachel Baker, wrote a lovely post on how to use the new WordPress color picker in a plugin, which helped me out tremendously when implementing this new functionality for the UpThemes Framework. Also, Thomas Griffin, developer of the incredible Soliloquy plugin, who wrote a well-documented and extremely simple plugin to help folks like me integrate the new WP media utility. Thanks Rachel and Thomas!

Questions? Let Us Know!

If you come across any issues, feel free to help us out on Github, where the UpThemes Framework is currently hosted and being actively developed.

Sneak Peek: Understated Theme

We’re releasing a new theme for both WordPress and Statamic (an awesome new CMS requiring no database). The theme was designed by Galen Gidman and is called “Understated” and focuses on beautiful typography with a pop of color. We decided to put together a short 30-second clip to share it with you all:

The theme will be released in the upcoming Statamic Add-On Marketplace and will also be available in our Club Membership which is an amazing value at just $39 or $99/year. Learn more about our membership options here.

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