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How do I disable WordPress comments?

One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “How do I disable WordPress comments?” While it’s not complicated, it’s also not quite as straight forward as it seems.

Speed Course: Disable WordPress Comments

We’ve created this video Speed Course to show you how to enable and disable WordPress comments, bulk disable and individually turn them on/off for pages and posts.

Disable Comments on Single Posts

Click the Screen Options tab and under the “Boxes” heading make sure that the Discussion option is enabled.

In the Screen Options panel enable the Discussion option.

Scroll down the page until you see the Discussion metabox, then disable the Allow Comments option.

In the Discussion metabox disable the Allow Comments option.

Update the post and that’s it, comments are now disabled for this post.

Disable Comments on New Posts

In your admin sidebar go to Settings → Discussion and in the “Default article settings” section disable the Allow people to post comments on new articles option.

On the Discussion settings page disable the 'Allow people to post comments on new articles' option

Click the Save Changes button and that’s it, now by default new posts will have comments disabled.

Bulk Disable Comments

In your admin sidebar go to Posts → All Posts.

Click in the box to the left of “Title” to select all posts.

Set the Bulk Action drop-down menu to “Edit”.

Click the Apply button.

Select all posts and apply the Edit bulk action.

In the panel that opens set the Comments drop-down menu to “Do not allow” and click the Update button.

Set Comments to 'Do not allow' and click Update.

That’s it, now comments have been disabled for all currently existing posts.

Disable Comments on Pages

Comments on pages are disabled by default in WordPress 4.3+, however should you need to disable comments for a page it is the exact same procedure as described above under the Disable Comments on Single Posts heading. You can also use the bulk edit technique described above under Bulk Disable Comments with pages.


The sample website used in the video is our Journalistic theme demo.

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    Edwin Bass says:

    Actually,I was looking for this information on google.I’m having serious spam problem on my personal blog.that’s why I want to disable comment temporary.this guide will be really helpful for me.another reason I want to make a landing page without comment box.thanks for the tips

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