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Acquisition Announcement:

We are excited to announce our latest major acquisition. We have brought into the family with its entire lineup of WordPress church themes.

The current product line contains 4 themes: Trinity, Urban City, Calvary, and Antioch. We look forward to adding to this lineup with themes like Uplifted, our most recent theme built just for churches. To help lead the charge, we’ve brought in Adam Clark as Director of Product. His role will be to lead this product and grow a community of church planters, consultants, ministers, church volunteers, faith-based authors and others who desperately need better tools on the web.

Adam has already made his mark in the WordPress and church community. He is the co-founder of a new broadcast network,, and owner of Bottlerocket Creative, a small web shop based in Chattanooga, TN. His most recent venture is, a highly streamlined service that provides customers with a “website-in-a-day” using WordPress as the foundation. It’s a blessing to add his expertise to our team.

So what exactly do we have up our sleeves? For starters, the foundation is, as always, cost-effective, delightful and easy-to-use WordPress themes for churches. We’re also going to turn into a marketplace where theme vendors can sell their own themes and build a new community from the ground up. Finally and perhaps most importantly, we’re building a hosted website platform that will tie it all together. The best part is, it’s designed specifically for churches and ministry-focused websites. is definitely one of our passions, but don’t worry, UpThemes will continue to focus on bringing you simple and beautiful WordPress themes. You can read more about this acquisition here.  If you or someone you know is an existing customer of, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We are so honored to have this opportunity and look forward to serving the church community. Please help us welcome Adam and feel free to say hi @UpThemes – I’d love to chat.

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