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Subtitles + Worldview = Beautiful Headlines

When Philip Arthur Moore released the Subtitles plugin, we took notice. Within just a little over a week after its release we have integrated it into the Worldview theme. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this new WordPress plugin, it is a simple tool that adds… [drum roll please] subtitles inside your post titles. These subtitles appear within archives and single post pages. Adding support for the Subtitles plugin was extremely simple, as there was no PHP to write, just a few simple lines of CSS (which isn’t required unless you want your theme to alter the default appearance of subtitles).

Here are a few screenshots of Subtitles within the Worldview theme:

Subtitles Plugin Integration

Subtitles in Widgets

We are also planning to release a child theme for Worldview with Aesop Story Engine integration and another child theme that removes the sidebar and expands the content to a full-width, layout. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updates when those themes are released.

The Worldview theme is available to purchase here.

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