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Your All-In-One Food Blog Theme

Here at UpThemes, we’re fans of food. Big fans. But we looked around for a simple and and intuitive way to share our favorite recipes and came up as empty as search for good Pad Thai in El Paso (Nada. I’ve tried). So with the design help of the lovely and talented Gedy Rivera, we did what we do best – made our own.

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If you think a good recipe is best shared, you’ll find all kinds of goodies stashed around this theme.  Check these out:

  • Three, yes, three custom color schemes for the changing seasons of your content – Harvest, Winter, and Spring
  • Printed recipes actually look like a real recipe card with our custom print style
  • Easy Google Search Results Page recipe optimization with Yumblog’s integration with the Recipe Schema plugin
  • Custom author archive pages that give your contributors and their recipes the attention they deserve
  • And as with all our new themes, your recipes look tasty on any device with with our baked-in responsive design framework

Getting a food blog cooking is as easy and elegant as it is fun with Yumblog. So easy, in fact, we think you’ll forget all the food puns in this post. Buy the Yumblog Theme Now!

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