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SimpleCart 2 Released with Brand Spankin' New UpThemes Framework 2.0

I know we’ve been silent for a little while, but we have a good reason! We’ve been working on our latest e-commerce theme, SimpleCart 2, as well as the next version of the UpThemes Framework.

First, let’s chat about this awesome theme. SimpleCart 2 may look similar to its predecessor, but under the hood it’s totally revamped and packed with features and full support for the latest version of WP E-commerce! Not to mention it works well with other e-commerce plugins too!

What’s even better is if you bought SimpleCart before or joined our Standard or Developer Theme Club Membership, you get access to the new theme immediately! Head on over to your UpThemes Member Dashboard to download it!

What’s new with the UpThemes Framework? Plenty.

We’ve been working hard on new features for the UpThemes Framework to make sure you have the best, most secure, and fastest theme framework for WordPress. With a new SEO management panel, typography options panel with over 100 Google Web Fonts, and layout and color scheme options, you will love the new framework and the power it possesses.

Custom Fonts from Google Web Font API

We’ve built-in support for custom typography controls so you can take control of your theme’s look and feel. Don’t like the way titles are displayed? Add a custom selector to you typography panel and change the font family, size, style, line height, kerning, and more! We’re putting you in the proverbial driver’s seat with font management. Oh, and don’t worry, it’s not bloated and we even create a readable CSS file rather than bloating the page with inline CSS styles that can’t be cached by the browser. Speed is key!

Crucial SEO Management Tools

Take control of your page titles, keywords, descriptions and more with our brand new SEO Management panel. You can now customize your SEO titles, keywords, and descriptions on each and every post and page! Not to mention the fact that you can now control how your titles should be formatted in different areas of your site and whether or not to allow certain sections to be indexed by search engine spiders.

Advanced Layout API

Want to be able to swap the layout on your theme? How about add new custom layouts? What about adding new custom layouts for different sections of your site? With the new layout API, you can register your own layouts or use built-in layouts for certain themes that offer a higher level of customization with touching a line of CSS or HTML. If you decide you want to add new layouts, you can even specify which section of the site your layout should control: posts, pages, categories, archives, tags, you name it!

Color Scheme API

Ever wanted to develop custom color schemes for your themes? Well, now you can register your own CSS files that can override a theme’s default stylesheets and provide a custom look for your theme. Got a stylesheet that you want to apply to just a certain area of your site? We’ve got you covered!

Which Themes Offer the new UpThemes Framework?

Currently, only SimpleCart 2 comes with the new framework, but we are beginning to integrate it with all our themes. Because there are so many new features, we are building new functionality out for older themes and it may take some time for the new framework to be integrated into your favorite theme, but hang tight! We’ll get to it! If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us in the support forums!

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    rmcfadden says:

    I’d like some more information on this theme.  I’d be much more likely to consider buying it if I could see some other work using the theme by other developers and if I could see the comments of those who are using it.  Please advise.

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