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Gallery Theme Updated for WP 3.0 and Thematic

If you’ve been a loyal Gallery theme user then you’ll know how great it is for building amazing galleries. Well, we’ve made some upgrades that make the Gallery theme ready for WordPress 3.0 and the latest version of the Thematic Theme (version

New Features

  • Now includes the UpThemes Framework, which allows you to customize your
    logo and edit other theme options
  • New WordPress 3.0 Menu support for the primary and secondary navigation
  • Revamped theme architecture to better work with the Thematic theme
  • Now supports Post Thumbnails, no more need for custom fields for images,
    just assign a featured image and WordPress does all the work for you

It’s Been a Long Time

The Gallery theme hasn’t been updated in a long, long time and this release adds support for the latest features of WordPress 3.0 and brings the theme code up to date, making the theme faster, more efficient, and much easier to use. We hope you enjoy the updates and the newly-added UpThemes Framework, which makes it super easy to manage your theme’s options.

Download Gallery


  1. Avatar
    Dimitris says:

    Thanks for your work on Gallery, a very useful example for studying!

    You mentioned that custom fields are no longer needed in the new version? However, if I only assign a featured image I get a thumbnail but no full-size image.

    Is the custom field for the full size image still needed then?

  2. Avatar
    Dimitris says:

    Thank you Chris, that was quick!

    BTW, as a suggestion, have you considered placing the theme on the community website so it can be automatically updated on WP installations when a new release is out? The one available now is older than 1.3…

  3. Avatar
    Dimitris says:

    Hmm, interesting… I installed version 1.4 and tried it, but the content of the Pages does not show up. Only the title and the “Edit” link…

    Can you replicate this on your installation as well?

  4. Avatar
    Lars Hundere says:

    Hey Chris, great work there on Gallery, so great to me that I still haven’t found a theme to replace it though everyone says I should, since I’m having so much trouble with it. I understand why you can’t offer much in support, it being free and all…

    On the codexnexus home page, each of the gallery thumbnails is wrapped in div.entry-content whose size got somehow stuck at full width.

    Using version 1.5.2

    And is there a plugin or something that could size the images automatically? I dread all the copy-paste work that lies ahead of me in order to finish the site.

    Please advise.

  5. Avatar
    joemass says:

    Hey Chris.. I was testing the Gallery theme and i have an issue with the pagenavi plugin and Simple Video Embedder.
    When i post a video ex. from vimeo, the pagenavi won’t work.
    Instead if i don’t use the video embedder but simple images, it works ok.
    Can you suggest me any other video embedder or any other page navigation?
    Thank you.
    Nice work!

  6. Avatar
    Matt says:

    Hey Chris…I noticed on the second page of the gallery demo there’s a distinction between a new post and a new video post. Is there a specific way to enter a video post that’s different from normal? My site is primarily video posts with embedded clips from vimeo and youtube, but they keep showing up over on the right of the page, with the main image on the left. I really like the way the demo site has it’s video post, and would simply like to duplicate that but can’t seem to figure out how. Help?

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