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UpThemes Framework + WP 3.0 + Carrington Build = Powerful CMS

We have an extremely exciting announcement to make regarding our WordPress themes here at UpThemes. A couple weeks ago, we signed a deal with Crowd Favorite (founded by world-renowned plugin developer Alex King) to include Carrington Build in our WordPress themes moving forward. If you’ve not heard of Carrington Build, please continue reading…

What is Carrington Build?

Carrington Build is a page layout engine for WordPress that can be added to themes and plugins that allows WordPress editors/authors to build advanced page layouts without creating new theme templates or adding in complicated CSS per page. Now you can “build” pages with multi-column layouts with the click of a mouse. Designers like Trent Walton and Yaron Schoen might get jealous of Carrington Build’s powerful layout engine.

Which UpThemes Will Include Carrington Build?

At the moment, we are planning to release two themes with Build included in them. The first is Garage Band, which we’ve built to be the ultimate theme for bands, performers and musicians. Garage Band includes custom tools for managing albums, shows, and even fan photo galleries that uses a custom submission form for fans to submit images. The second is called Agency, which is a solid theme for design agencies to manage portfolios, service offerings, and create custom page layouts with Carrington Build!

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    • Avatar

      Unfortunately, I’ve only seen Thesis’ backend once and it was a long time ago. For the most part, I would compare Carrington Build to something like iThemes Builder, where it’s not just a theme, but rather an additional add-on that can be added to a WordPress website to power advanced layouts per page.

  2. Avatar
    Stacy says:

    Very excited for this. I took a look at Carrington a couple weeks ago & it looked pretty interesting. I’m actually really frustrated with WordPress right now due to the lack of themes available for really content heavy sites… I’ve been considering moving to something like Joomla, but this type of development could really change that, I think.
    Anyway, I’m excited to see how this works with more business-type themes (Agency sounds good)!

    • Avatar

      Yep, this will really make your life easier. Our goal is to release some solid business-oriented themes that incorporate Carrington Build and hopefully you will be able to “build” upon those themes for your clients very easily.

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  4. Avatar
    Mash says:

    Any time line on the release of the agency theme (teaser would be nice) or the corporate themes?

    I have a few projects coming up that I would love to incorporate a solid theme with support for carrington build.

    Just want to know if I should wait long or proceed with other options.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

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