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UpThemes Launches at SXSW

UpThemes is a brand new WordPress theme store with a focus on producing unique and original themes that are extremely easy to customize and build upon. We’ve built an amazing theme framework called the UpThemes Framework that we are extremely excited about. Watch our screencast to see what it’s all about and how easy it really is to customize an UpTheme.


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    lee says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but your website is so heavily influenced by, it’s kind of disheartening and I felt it just had to be said.

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    Chris says:

    @lee We definitely were inspired by their colorful header style, but that’s about it. We’re huge fans of Jesse-Bennett Chamberlain, the man behind Campaign Monitor’s design. To give you a bit of history on this site’s design, we actually started out with the theme that is currently live on and started tweaking from there.

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