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Creating a Podcast Feed

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If you have an existing feed, this will create a new feed with a different URL
If you are not currently using Feedburner as recommended below, you may want to consider switching to this method prior to altering the feed.

Setting up the feed

  1. Add /feed/ to the end of the topic or tag’s URL and share with your listeners.
  2. Then use that link in your favorite podcast player just as iTunes.

    For example:

    Would look like this:

    (the mp3 files are added to the default feeds as enclosures)

  3. Increasing the number of sermons the feed shows by simply going to Settings > Reading and changing Syndication feeds show the most recent. Note – that this increases the limit for all RSS feeds, including blog posts.
  4. We recommend using Feedburner:

    Follow these steps to use Feedburner:

    • Determine the podcasting feed URL you will use.
    • Sign up or sign into Google’s FeedBurner service.
    • Enter your podcasting feed URL into “Burn a feed right this instant” and check the box for “I am a podcaster”.
    • Continue clicking Next and filling out details until you get to “Configure Your Podcast and Tell iTunes How to List It”.
    • Check the box for Include iTunes podcasting elements then enter your extra details.
    • Optionally provide a 1400×1400 cover image for Podcast image location. You can upload this via WordPress inMedia > Add New.
    • Click Next and continue filling out the options you want.
    • When done, click on the feed icon at the top-left to view the FeedBurner version of your feed. Save this URL.
  5. Once the feed is updated, submit it to iTunes and everything should appear there.