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Kint Debugger

Kint Debugger is a simple WordPress wrapper for Kint, a debugging tool to output information about variables and traces. Debugging is presented in a styled, collapsible format that is easy on the eyes. Kint Debugger plays nice with the Debug Bar plugin by creating it’s own panel to display your debug results.

No more adding PRE tags before print_r or var_dump!

For those who love Krumo, Kint is Krumo++.

Dumping variables is easy:

  • d($variable) will output a styled, collapsible container with your variable information
  • dd($variable) will do exactly as d() except halt execution of the script
  • s($variable) will output a simple, un-styled whitespace container
  • sd($variable) will do exactly as s() except halt execution of the script

Backtrace is also easy:

  • Kint::trace() The displayed information for each step of the trace includes the source snippet, passed arguments and the object at the time of calling

We’ve also baked in a few functions that are WordPress specific:

  • dump_wp_query()
  • dump_wp()
  • dump_post()

When you use the ever awesome Debug Bar plugin, Kint Debugger keeps your theme looking beautiful by placing all debug output into a Debug Bar sub-panel. If you are not using Debug Bar, your debug output will be displayed inline.

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