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WordPress 4.0 Special: Creative Theme + FreeFolio: an Instant Portfolio on WordPress

Welcome to your new portfolio.

Creative is a responsive portfolio WordPress theme that makes it easy to showcase your work quickly and beautifully. This gorgeous, responsive theme makes it extremely simple to get up and running with a new, fully populated portfolio in just a few short minutes.

Say Hello to our Brand New FreeFolio Plugin

Creative was built to work seamlessly with our brand new plugin, FreeFolio. FreeFolio adds a portfolio post type (compatible with Jetpack) with a handy little shortcode for displaying portfolio items inside posts or pages. It can be used within any theme or with a theme like Creative that adds support and page templates for displaying portfolio items in unique ways.


Oh yeah, and one more thing.

We also created the world’s first Dribbble importer for WordPress and added it to the FreeFolio plugin. With one click, your entire Dribbble feed is imported into your new portfolio. You can then edit, modify, and delete the items you may not want. In just 20 minutes, you can now have an instant portfolio built on WordPress and completely under your control.


FreeFolio is a free plugin, available from, and can be downloaded and tested right now. We have big plans for this mighty little plugin, so stay tuned!

Download the FreeFolio plugin from

Say Hello to Custom Typekit Fonts Built In


For this theme, we knew designers demand a wider selection of beautiful fonts. That’s why we’ve added two beautiful custom typefaces from Typekit to make your work really shine: Brandon Grotesque and Skolar Web. The best part is: you don’t need a Typekit account! They’re included as part of your theme purchase. UpThemes is only the second theme shop to offer this type of integration and we’re extremely excited to utilize other beautiful fonts into future themes.

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