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Building Church Themes on the Same Foundation

Building a church website with WordPress can be easy or hard. The Church Theme Content plugin makes it extremely easy to build your church website on the right foundation. This post shares some reasons behind using a theme built for the Church Theme Content plugin and themes currently using it.

The Church Theme Content plugin provides content types specific to your ministry needs. The plugin provides a simple way to add and update sermons, people, locations, and events.  This means you won’t have to create something new or restructure your site to try to add a sermon or event.  These content types and the way in which the fields are named feel like it was built just for you, and it was, developed with the church in mind.

Our very own Uplifted Theme is built to incorporate the Church Theme Content plugin.  Using the CTC plugin as your base makes adding your content as simple as installing a theme.  Without this plugin, its just another WordPress site, not specialized for your needs and what your congregation needs to see.  Building a church theme with this plugin makes it a true church theme prepped for you to add the content you need.

A few themes that use the Church Theme Content plugin:

Uplifted Theme


Resurrect Theme

Resurrect Theme by

Forgiven Theme


Forgiven Theme by BoxyStudio

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