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Acquisition Announcement: Lucid Themes WordPress Theme Collection

We have some exciting news to share from UpThemes HQ. We have acquired the full theme library of Lucid Themes, a WordPress theme shop run by Jon Bellah. All the themes are responsive and beautifully designed, making the decision to roll these themes into the UpThemes library extremely simple.

The acquisition is for three existing themes and one that is currently in development:

Alma, a portfolio theme

Alma is a theme that is perfect for freelance designers or agencies to showcase their work and blog about what they’ve got going on.


Sharlo, a magazine theme

Sharlo is a fantastic magazine-style theme with clean, crisp typography, making it easy to showcase lots of content on the homepage.


Nicholson, a personal blog theme

When we relaunched UpThemes, we removed all free themes from our library. Nicholson will be our first free theme since the big relaunch. It offers large image headers and bold typography.


Peddle, a Woocommerce theme

Peddle is a fantastic theme for selling products. We are extremely excited to bring this beautiful Woocommerce theme into our collection.


The reason behind the acquisition is simple: the Lucid Theme collection fills a number of needs that our current theme roster doesn’t while upholding a high standard of beautiful design and ease-of-use. We will be slowly rolling these themes into our product offering and also have plans to add a couple of them to in the coming weeks.

What have people said about Lucid Themes?

I’ve used a lot of premium themes in the past. I must say, Alma has been one of the nicest themes I’ve ever used. It was beyond easy to set up and my visitors love it! – Jack S via twitter

The attention to detail Jon has put into Lucid Theme is something you only find in the highest quality WordPress themes. If you’re looking for an amazing design built by a guy who has perfected his craft, you’ve found it. – Robert Neu of Audit WP

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