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Reinventing Ourselves

With the impending launch of the Amplify Theme, we are announcing the retirement of many of our older themes, effective immediately. These themes will be replaced over the next few months with brand new themes that contain similar but much improved functionality, aesthetics, documentation, automatic theme updates, and usability.

The reason we chose to retire these themes rather than simply update them was that they were built upon an older, bulkier version of the UpThemes Framework and were not built as mobile-first responsive themes. One of our goals moving forward is to build themes that are fast, lightweight, responsive, easy-to-use, and look amazing on any device. The themes we are retiring no longer meet those requirements and that’s why we have chosen to end of life the following products:

  • Garage Band Theme
  • Micro Theme
  • Charity Theme
  • Timelaph
  • Holding Pattern
  • Gallery Pro
  • StoreFrontal
  • Agency
  • Conversate
  • SimpleCart
  • Adriatica

For all our current customers, we will continue to offer these theme files for download, but will not be offering support, effective immediately. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Hey guys… just caught wind of this via wptavern but I think we all can commend you on making this move. These days you need to be mobile focused first and build from that. So, with that and with the statement of keeping the framework lightweight… great news. Cheers!

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