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Responsive Web Design, The UpThemes Way

At UpThemes, we care about making our products the best they can be and are committed to ensuring the themes we create are kept up to date with the ever-changing standards in web development. Responsive web design involves an approach to development that ultimately delivers a website that adapts to any medium you may be viewing it on, whether that be your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

While most themes sell responsive web design as a premium feature, we believe it to be not a feature at all, but a standard practice for every product we put out.

Responsive web design in, old technology out

When adding responsive web design support to our existing themes, we start by assessing how to best improve the theme’s performance. For example, some of our themes were initially created when IE6 support was still necessary. We only have to go back a few years to find hacks and methods in our themes that were necessary then, but can now be removed or reworked. During this process, we also create mockups of how we would like each theme to respond to different devices. Then we turn those mockups into code. The final step is to test the theme with a variety of content to ensure that no matter what you have on your site, it will respond perfectly.

We have already completed this update to a number of our older themes while making it standard on every new theme released. Our plan is to continue updating our collection until it’s completely responsive. We think it’s that important.

We hope you’ll keep an eye on our blog for more theme releases that, like Personality, will always include the newest technology standard.

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