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While browsing through the archives of the UpThemes blog, I noticed something interesting. There is a ton of good information there for people serious about getting the most out of WordPress. And you know what else? The people that write it know what they are talking about. They live and breathe (a very advanced technique) WordPress  and want to share what they’ve learned.

Here’s the problem: we never know when inspiration (or a pesky problem) strikes that will inspire us to write another gem of WordPress knowledge. And if you are like me, you don’t go checking even your favorite blogs for updates. You want the updates to come to you, right? Exactly.

Enter the UpThemes WordPress Tips & Tricks Newsletter

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When you sign up for our WordPress Tips & Tricks Newsletter, every one of those posts will be delivered to your inbox. No site checking and no RSS reader required. Simple, powerful, and incredibly useful, just like your favorite UpTheme.

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