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Plugin Launch: Typecase, A Web Font Manager

Here at UpThemes, we’re all about awesomeness. That’s why we developed an easy-to-use typography manager with over 500 custom fonts from Google Web Fonts and baked it into all our themes. Since we’ve been working on revamping the UpThemes Framework, we decided to move our Typography Engine into an awesome WordPress plugin that can be used with ANY theme! We’re calling it Typecase, and you can download it for free.

Download Typecase

Check out Typecase Pro

We’re also excited to release Typecase Pro, which adds the ability to edit your fonts live on the front-end of your website! This makes it easy to tweak fonts and selectors on the fly, allowing you to browse and select custom fonts that look great on your website.

Typecase Pro has a one-time cost of $19 for an individual site license.


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  2. Val2138 says:

    I used various font plugins out there and I came to the conclusion that the best way to use an option of font editing is if it’s enclosed in a theme editor directly. In this way the modifications you make are directly applied to the theme and if something doesn’t fit well, you can quickly make adjustments. I use Lubith for example, it has over 400 web-safe fonts and font editing options that are not enclosed in other WP plugins.

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