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A Mighty SXSW Deal: 13 Themes and 2 Plugins with Lifetime Support for Just $49

Just in time for SXSW, we’ve teamed up with MightyDeals to bring you the biggest deal we’ve ever offered: 13 WordPress and Tumblr themes plus two WordPress plugins and lifetime support (even on our free themes like Gallery and Holding Pattern!) for 90% off the total package price.

For this week only, you can purchase the MightyDeals UpThemes bundle for just $49. This is the best deal we’ve ever offered and it won’t happen again so make sure to pick this one up today.

Buy it now from MightyDeals for just $49


  1. Anthony says:

    Hello, I recently just purchased this package and cannot find where to put my coupon code or download the package. Can someone help me?

  2. Rob says:

    Great deal, however its a shame you put all the older wersions of the themes to download, most of them are not compatible with wp3.1 , also I can`t find the Events Calendar anywhere in the package (there is nothing in the Charity theme archive it looks like the Calendar plugin, and the theme is broken in wp3.1).
    The Garage band music player is not working either in wp3.1.

    It looks like it was a complete waste of money … 🙁

    • All themes in this package are the current versions and work with WP 3.1. They will all continue to be maintained and updated. If you have any questions or concerns, please post issues in the customer support forum. Thanks Rob!

  3. Kathy says:

    I can’t figure out how to use the coupon code with the deal without having to make a new account. I had already set one up previously for the Gallery theme. I’d rather not have to make a new one just to use the coupon code.

    I tried using the coupon code and maybe just go down the list of basic subscriptions but that didn’t work, haha.

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