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Theme Launch: SimpleCart

Some of you may remember seeing this theme months ago when Instinct Software held a contest looking for the best implementation of the simpleCart(js) design by the Wojo Group as a Thematic child theme built for WP E-commerce. Since then, we’ve revamped it completely to be a standalone (parent) theme backed by the amazing UpThemes Framework.

SimpleCart is All Grown Up

Fast-forward to today and you’ll see a new design, a new backend powered by the amazing UpThemes Framework, which allows you to upload a custom logo and background image, and support for the latest WordPress 3.0 goodies like custom menus, post types, and more!

Includes Free Grid Layout for WP E-commerce

If you’ve ever used WP E-commerce before, odds are you’ve tried to change the layout of your products to a grid layout. Unfortunately, this simple CSS change costs $40 as a “Gold Cart Add-on.” With every purchase of the SimpleCart theme for $30, we throw in the grid layout theme for free! That means you save $10 on the gold cart grid layout AND get a great theme on top of that.

Customizable Logo and Background

SimpleCart includes a customizable logo and background image to make your life super easy. Just drop in your images and off you go!

Simple Pricing

SimpleCart is available in our Club Membership packages as well as in our Standard Single Package for just $30.

View SimpleCart Theme


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