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Garage Band Theme Teaser

With all the latest action here with UpThemes like our new Tumblr theme business and our announcement of collaborating with Crowd Favorite to begin incorporating Carrington Build in our themes we haven’t had much time to share our biggest announcement yet: the impending release of the most feature-packed theme for bands and musicians WordPress has ever seen, Garage Band.

More Than Just a Theme

Garage Band is more than a theme, it extends WordPress to become the perfect CMS for bands and musicians. This “theme” contains advanced tools for managing upcoming shows, tours, albums, music videos, user-powered fan photo galleries, and even band members! Excited yet? So are we. Read on if you’re ready to rock.

Album Management

Uploading and managing your albums couldn’t be easier with our album management tools. Simply add the name of the album, purchasing information, your tracklist with playable audio clips and album art and off you go!

Custom audio player pulls in songs from latest album.

On the backend, simply enter your track information with links to purchase or download and Garage Band does all the rest! The image below shows how easy it is to manage, just click the image to see a large preview.

Manage tracks with ease with our easy-to-use album management tools!

Show and Tour Manager

Thanks to custom taxonomies with WordPress, you can categorize shows by location and tour to make it easy for fans to find shows in their area. Simply type in a title, description, and add the show time and off you go! It really is that easy!

Custom widgets allow you to display upcoming shows, new albums, and more!

Fan-Generated Photo Galleries

A great way to connect with fans and build some fan-powered content, our Garage Band Theme will come with the ability to allow fans to submit photos to fan galleries defined by you! Simply add new “collections” and configure your fan photo submission form to your liking and your fans can post awesome photos of anything from your recent shows to events or even your drummer’s latest haircut!

Let fans upload images and share fun times at your band's latest concert!

The features mentioned above are only a few of the awesome things planned for Garage Band and we hope to be finished with the theme by the end of September so we can share it with you all! We’re definitely excited about this theme and hope you are too. Make sure to follow @upthemes on twitter and keep up with our blog’s RSS feed as well!


  1. Avatar
    Daniel Coats says:

    To be honest, I never see myself in a band – but this theme goes a long way towards convincing me otherwise! You know a WordPress theme is something special when the initial teasers all elude to features that no one yet offers, and features which could genuinely make life easier (a big must for any band on the web, I can assume). I don’t think I even need to say it, but keep it up ‘upthemes’ team!

    Best regards, Daniel

  2. Avatar
    Leland says:

    This is looking amazing. Can’t wait to see the agency theme as well. Will there be any pricing restructure for these new themes with the Build framework? Thanks.

  3. Avatar
    Rob says:

    How is the progress on this theme? I’ve been looking for a good “band” theme for WP for some time now and I’m starting to wonder if I should just make my own. Hopefully we will see something soon?


  4. Avatar
    Mari says:

    Oh I’m sorry. I thought it would have been released at midnight. I thought I would wake up to it and be able to check it out. lol I’m very excited for it. Around what time will it be released so I know when to come back and check it out.

  5. Avatar
    roald says:

    Hi everybody,

    is it a good idea to put all the sites together that use this theme?
    I would love to have some inspiration from other webbuilders who also use this theme, is it possible for upthemes to collect the urls and show them somewhere or maybe on a forum?


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