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Theme Launch: Evo

We’re extremely excited to announce our favorite UpTheme to date, Evo, the successor to Gallery Pro, a revolutionary new WordPress theme that makes building a user-generated gallery, photography showcase or personal portfolio easier than ever. With awesome AJAX-powered pagination, David DeSandro’s Masonry plugin for jQuery, and a custom post submission page, Evo is the best gallery theme we’ve seen this side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Buy Evo Now for $50 or $75 (with original PSD artwork)


Three Beautiful Color Schemes

In addition to the default light theme, there are two additional color schemes as well, which can be enabled on the Evo Colors & Images Options page.

User Submission Page

By popular demand, Evo includes a submission page that can be customized to fit your needs inside the UpThemes Framework on the Submission Form options page.

Flexible Thumbnail Sizes

Using the built-in image sizes, you can set the thumbnails to any size, allowing Evo to look good with a few images or a few hundred!

AJAX Pagination

Evo uses a custom twitter-style pagination to allow you to continue loading new posts into the page without being taken to a new page.

WordPress 3.0 Menu Support

Custom menus allow you to configure your navigation the way you want it! Evo features two menu zones in the header and footer, as well as unlimited widget menus.

Simple Video Embedding

Easy video embedding using the Simple Video Embedder plugin from makes video embedding easier than ever. Requires installation of Simple Video Embedder plugin, download separately.

Resizable Thumbnails using WordPress 3’s Featured Image

Thumbnail sizes are completely under your control! Simply set your desired image sizes in ‘Settings > Media’ and a featured image for each post and off you go!

Ad Zones Built-in

There are now two ad zones that accept plain HTML and Javascript below the header and above the footer.


  1. Avatar
    Tim Braverman says:

    This is one of the best gallery themes I’ve seen in a long time. The backend is packed with custom options and it is pretty easy for even a novice user. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a gallery website.

  2. Avatar
    James says:

    Hey Chris,

    About time you created a wordpress version of our website 🙂
    All the best success! You have saved us money getting a designer making this for you!
    (we’ll let you know once we have converted it over to WP)

    Cheers James

  3. Avatar
    Iqbal Selvan says:

    Hello ! I saw the demo, its great and look like notcot… I was looking a theme like this for months… Is there any way to add link backs to the site of users who have submitted image and if possible a voting button is great idea…. if users can submit their links with the image. i am ready to buy this theme… great work with little work has to be done on this theme. appreciated

  4. Avatar
    dave says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am also interested in knowing if the user will be able to also add their website link along with the submission?

    I am ready to buy the theme as well if this is in place.


  5. Avatar
    Pamps says:

    Great theme!
    I am about to purchase but would need to add one extra field to the submit form ( i need a field for url as I want to have a link to the original image url ). How possible or how difficult this might be?

  6. Avatar
    Chris says:

    I wanted to know is there a demo to test out the image submission function. and also does anyone care to share there sites using evo

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