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Sneak Peek at Conversate: a Twitter-style WordPress Theme

We love it when people try to break the mold of thinking about WordPress as a simple, standard blogging platform. That’s why when we see themes like P2, we are extremely excited about the future of WordPress and seeing the kind of power it can bring to websites simply through installing a new theme.

But Wait, There’s a Problem

When we first saw P2, we were extremely excited, because of its unique purpose as a microblogging theme, however, we were extremely disappointed with the aesthetics of it. We thought the interface could be much, much better. That’s where Conversate comes in. We’re working on a much improved visual interface to take P2 to the next level. Here’s the proof:

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  1. Avatar
    Axel says:

    Having used the P2 theme for quite a while I got bored with the style and to now see this gorgeous theme makes me so happy.

    I’m glad to see that people understand the potential of the P2 theme from Automattic! Please tell us more!

    Can’t wait to try this badboy out.

  2. Avatar
    bagga says:

    oh this is such a lovely theme – cant wait to get a hold of it

    I have bought a domain also for this theme – waiting anxiously for it to launch and then me get to work – please update me – I will buy

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